Brattleboro Music Center

The heart of chamber music is still beating, evidenced by the joy and excitement that is experienced by all who study and perform at the Brattleboro Music Center. Formerly housed in an old convent, using cells as practice rooms, the school lacked acoustical privacy and adequate recital space, impacting performance and creating obstacles to effective teaching.  In 2016, the BMC purchased a former elementary school building and transformed it into a school to teach children and adults voice, instruments, and chorales.  Careful use of funds during construction allowed the Center to build the 244-seat performance hall originally planned for a second phase.

The main performance hall was designed for the acoustical needs of classical chamber music – a tall square-sectioned volume with varied interior surfaces, absorptive rear wall and a projecting balcony. Superior acoustics were the primary driver for all systems including roof and wall assemblies, mechanical systems, vestibules, materials, and furnishings.

Musicians and the community alike have rejoiced in this exceptional performance space. The project was completed for a stunningly low budget of $200/SF.


Client  |  Brattleboro Music Center

Location  |  Brattleboro, Vermont

Photographer  |  Robert Benson Photography

Awards  |  2018 AIA New England Citation Award  /  2018 AIA Maine Citation Award  /  2011 Portland Society of Architects Unbuilt Design Award