Cascon Office Building

Cascon Office Building is for a design and engineering company producing high tolerance pumps for the aerospace industry. The client wanted to have a building which reflected their strong association with technology but also fit in with their more traditional neighbors.

The building is designed with innovative building technologies that not only project an image appropriate for the company but also reduce operational costs. Windows are placed to optimize daylighting while avoiding solar gain. Exposure is controlled by a system of applied aluminum sunshades positioned according to seasonal solar angles. These sunshades also provide a light shelf to reflect daylight onto the ceiling inside the office which reduces dependency on artificial lighting.

The exterior of the building is naturally finished horizontal cedar siding applied as a rain screen. This provides a ventilated airspace behind the siding. It eliminates excess moisture, prevents cupping and warping of the siding and reduces the potential for deterioration.


Client  |  Cascon Inc.

Location  |  Yarmouth, Maine