Cumberland Historical Society: In Process

Simons Architects worked with the Town of Cumberland on a study that would combine the Cumberland Historical Society (CHS) and the Prince Memorial Library (PML).  The expansion would create a unified community space, provide additional space for PML’s expanding needs, and increase visitorship to CHS.  When all phases are complete, CHS and PML will share a campus, a common meeting room, and space for public programs.

The original site of the CHS was centrally located, but set back from the road, making it difficult to access and underutilized.  The project relocated the Historical Society, along with the 1853 schoolhouse in which it currently resides, a ¼ mile down the road to the PML site.  The new location improves accessibility to the building and provides needed exposure to its archives and exhibits.

SA honored the historic building by using like materials, brick and granite, as well as paying close attention to size and scale.  Preserving CHS’s iconic façade was paramount, and thoughtful positioning makes it visible from the street.