Hillside House


Hillside House combines traditional New England barn forms with a modern sense of flowing interior space to create a house that is evocative and spacious. Set in a pine forest on the edge of the village, this modest 2,400 SF house has a wonderful sense of openness.  The back of the house literally disappears, bringing the feeling of the outdoors into the central living space.

The bedrooms, playroom loft, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and closets are tightly organized on the three levels of the 24’ x 26’ “core” house. The bathrooms and laundry are grouped on the front of the house with small windows for privacy. The bedrooms are on the back, with large windows looking out to the woods. The living, dining, and music areas are more loosely organized in one large, open space that flows directly to cedar decks on the front and back, creating a strong relationship between the inside and outside.

A wide variety of woods were used, both in the structure and finish details of the house. Natural clear finishes are combined with unusual stained finishes. The simple structure combined with simple detailing allowed the house to be built at a very reasonable cost.


Client  |  Private

Location  |  Southern Maine

Photographer  |  Brian Vanden Brink