Lisbon High School Gymnasium

The Lisbon School Department had been using a defunct multipurpose room as their gymnasium and auditorium for years. After years of debate, the Lisbon community passed a referendum for a bond to fund the construction of a new facility.

SA designed the new 17,830 SF gymnasium and renovated portions of the existing building to provide much needed support spaces. In addition to the new gym, improvements include updated locker rooms, a fitness room, visiting locker room, restrooms, concession, and a trainer’s room.

An upper concourse looks over the court, providing ample space for gathering before and after events, and features six solatubes for natural lighting during the day. The court is sized to accommodate a tournament court, two practice courts, a volleyball court, and a drop down batting cage. The gym is lit from above with a translucent polycarbonate wall system that allows diffuse light to wash over the court and rich maple floor, eliminating the need for lighting during the day. 

Once considered one of the worst high school courts in Maine, the new gym can now accommodate tournaments, hold graduation ceremonies, and provide a gathering space that all residents of Lisbon can enjoy. 


Client  |  Lisbon High School

Location  |  Lisbon, Maine

Photographer  |  Magnus Stark Photography