Springvale Public Library

Simons Architects was asked to design a major renovation and expansion to the historic Springvale Public Library on Main Street.  Originally built in 1874, the Federal style building was grossly undersized for the current and future needs of the community.  A 7,800 SF addition was added to the original building, with separate wings for the new children’s library, adult stacks, and reading rooms.  The original building was carefully moved to a new foundation and restoration work included new interior finishes to bring the library building back to its original form.  The additions provide space for new library programs and collections, as well as a large meeting room for community gatherings.  The historic quality of the original building was offset by new spaces that are designed to complement the existing library while providing a variety of open, modern, and spacious rooms for library patrons.

In addition to designing the new library, Simons Architects was responsible for master planning of all adjacent parcels.  The master plan organized the entire combined area to create a unifying theme.  The design included concepts for a community-based parking strategy, site selections for the new library and a future State District Courthouse, and a design for a new “Village Green” with pedestrian pathways connecting all buildings, landscaping, lighting, and site amenities.


Client  |   Springvale Public Library

Location  |   Springvale, Maine