Turner Memorial Library

Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle had undergone a 6,000 SF addition to their existing library, but the tight budget only allowed minimal interior upgrades. The interior spaces lacked connectivity, flow, and intimacy.

Working with a modest $90/SF budget, we developed a strategy that would transform the experience of entering and moving through the library from a “sign-driven” experience to an intuitive, welcoming experience that would help bring the community together.

We designed a new pavilion to create a suitable entrance to the library. Filled with daylight and natural wood, the pavilion’s curving stair leads visitors to the main circulation desk on the second floor. The interior functions were reorganized to make it easier for limited staff to oversee the many library activities. Program areas were zoned from “active/social” spaces near the entrances to “quiet/study” spaces in the more remote parts of the library. Young Adults, previously on the third floor and not visible to full-time staff, was relocated to the second floor, adjacent to the main circulation desk and café.

Located in the heart of the downtown area, the library has become the community center, engaging the entire Presque Isle community.


Client  |  Turner Memorial Library

Location  |  Presque Isle, Maine

Photographer  |  Magnus Stark Photography