Philip Chaney, Architect, RA

Philip’s conceptual thinking combined with cohesive design strategies help clients translate their ideas into architecture. A licensed architect, Philip joined SSA in 2014 and has been an integral part of the teams for the award-winning Residence Hall at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Patrons Oxford office building and the Brattleboro Music Center. He approaches architecture as he does his own projects; taking them apart piece by piece to understand the inner workings and then rebuild or recreate into a finely tuned project.

Outside the office, Philip enjoys hiking, cycling, restoring and rebuilding vintage things that move, and maintaining his family’s off the grid island home in Muscongus Bay. He recently returned from a sabbatical where he helped restore Graves Light, a 1905 lighthouse in Boston Harbor, gaining new respect for the construction detailing of an earlier era.