Tilton Residence Hall

As part of the Master Plan involving the new Academic Building and Student Center, Tilton School envisions three additional residence halls on campus. The first of these, sited on the east campus near the library, was designed to house 36 students and to include three faculty apartments. The design transcends the traditional corridor plan facing all student rooms south for maximum light. The proctor’s room is centrally located on all three floors to facilitate communication and observation.

A large common room, with floor to ceiling windows facing the west campus provides a central, daylit space for the students to gather around the fireplace. On the lower floor, a student recreation room opens onto an outdoor terrace enclosed by a low stone wall. The faculty apartments are carefully designed to provide a homelike environment for the supervisors who reside there. Separated from the residence hall by offices with doors on either side, the apartments are designed to preserve faculty privacy while ensuring effective supervision on each of the residence floor levels.

The design of the residence hall complements Tilton’s academic program and reinforces the commitment to education of the whole person.

Client  |  Tilton Academy

Location  |  Tilton, New Hampshire