Student Center at Tilton School

The new Student Center at Tilton School in New Hampshire is designed to infill the space between the existing Knowles dormitory, a campus icon, and Beaumont dining hall. It will include a café, lounge space, Design Thinking and Maker Spaces, art gallery, student mailboxes, and the campus store. It will also provide direct access to the Health Center and a refurbished bowling alley on the lower level of the dormitory. The Center features a dynamic, double height atrium space with abundant daylight from the skylights above, in stark contrast with the historic red brick buildings on either side.

The Student Center will have direct access from the academic quad to the north and the residential quadrangles to the south, making it convenient to access between classes and encouraging frequent use by all. The Center will create new gathering spaces for the campus community and re-energizing the 19thcentury historic buildings with innovative new program spaces for 21st century students.

This project is the continuation of the masterplan for the Tilton School by SA that includes the new Academic Building and Residence Hall.

Client  |  Tilton School

Location  |  Tilton, New Hampshire